UPS Access Point

We are a UPS Access point, all parcels need to be pre-booked before bringing them to us,
you can do that here - UPS Shipping, all packages shipped outside the UK will need three copies of a commercial invoice - UPS Commercial Invoice FAQ  
Same day collection is guaranteed for all packages dropped by 10.00am.
Last parcel drop time is 17.00 Mon - Sat, 16.00 - Wed, 15.30 - Sun,
If you have an Amazon* return you will be able to select UPS as the return shipper,
you will be given a barcode that you can bring in along with your returns, no additional packaging will be necessary as this is provided.
*More online retailers are joining this scheme all the time, keep an eye out for the UPS labelless returns option.
Parcels delivered to us will be held in store for ten days before being returned to UPS,
You will need to bring a valid government issued ID to collect parcels(Click here for details) 
as no parcel will be released without the correct ID being shown.
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